Twickenham escorts seem to be some of the happiest escorts in the London escort business.



Most of the girls that we speak to here at the Better Sex Guide, have worked for their respective Twickenham escorts agencies fromĀ for a long period of time, and are very happy with their jobs. Twickenham escorts agencies have the reputation of being some of the best agencies in London, and perhaps that is reflected in the Twickenham escorts who they employ. Working as an escort can sometimes be very stressful but Twickenham escorts say that their bosses look after them very well.


At the moment there are several hundred escorts in Twickenham. Many of them are independent, but we have noticed that the girls who work for agencies seem to be far happier. They seem to be less stressed, and always talk about delivering a better service.


We invited a couple of Twickenham girls to Better Sex to have a chat to them about their jobs, and they were happy to come in for a cup of coffee.


Independent vs Agency


Working for an agency is just so much better said Sue from one of the premiere agencies in Twickenham. You have a team who backs you up all the way, and you are never left to feel that it is just you against the rest of the world. I used to work as an independent and I will never do it again.


It isn’t until you start working for an agency that you fully appreciate how important all the back up is to your personal business. For instance, the front desk girls are brilliant and they know exactly how to match up the right date for you. When I worked for myself, I used to have quite a few problems with gentlemen callers but now I don’t. They used to turn up drunk, and silly things like that. Now, all the front desk girls screen all the caller first of all, and nothing seems to get past.


Gents are always told that they need to turn up without having drunk an alcohol, and that they need to have a shower on arrival. Also, a lot of the front desk girls will try to arrange two hours instead of one with a new date, and that is really important as well. After all, you don’t know they knew date and they don’t know you. It is certainly important getting to know your date.


Nina from another agency said that she has gained a lot of regulars, and that is really nice. Some of the front desk girls know my dates really well, and they know when they are in town. They will ask for a discreet telephone number and give the date a call when they are back in town. Most of the dates really appreciate that, and they say that it takes a little bit of stress out of their lives.


Running an agency to perfection is not easy, but when it is done well, you will have a very successful business.

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